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What some of our users say about MailGate...

"Brilliant Product"

"Well designed, easy to use, effective"

"Easy to use; stable; fast and flexible"

"Works like a dream"


"I would like to thank you for developing such a good program as MailGate. It is a compact and efficient piece of software that does exactly what it was designed to do, and with maximum reliability. In these days of Bloatware this is very refreshing.
The constant refinements are much appreciated, as are the add on modules which give the end user the ability to pick and install only the additional features they need. Excellent." - Martyn Harmes

"Just thought I would let you know that we now have MailGate running over the 2Mb ADSL line and it is fabulous, the speed is fantastic. It is as if the Web server was on our network the response is so quick, even with video.
So just to say thanks for all your help with getting us up and running without any major problems, it is much appreciated. I wish we could get the kind of support we receive for MailGate with our other (much more expensive) software." - Chris Brett, IT Manager

...and about POPWeasel...

"Dead easy to use"

"Thank you for a super product"

"Evaluated it against six other products and found it to be the best"

...and SpamWeasel

"I just downloaded your SpamWeasel. Excellent program. I just love it."
- Janos Fejes

"Very nice product, surprised it's free!" - Brad Erikson

"Just wanted to let you know that I've tried every spam blocker on the Web, and your is without question the best I have ever used. My amount of daily e-mail is tremendous, but SpamWeasel successfully blocked the last 24 out of 25 spam-mails I have had today. You guys are great! Thanks, and keep up the good work... A renewed e-mail user." - Ben Steed

"Thank you! I've been seeing the spam count rising alarmingly lately and reading my daily e-mail was beginning to feel like walking through a cloud of mosquitoes! A fine product with excellent documentation. I wish you great success." - Jim McNeillie