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Mailgate Products and Companion Products

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MailGate Server - A fully functional mail server and proxy gateway server, providing full Internet access for all your LAN through a single connection.

MailGate Modules - Software extensions, integrating to MailGate the functionality of virus scanning, advanced mail management, anti-spam, list server, etc.
Available for V3.3 and above.

POPWeasel - A simple to use command line utility to add POP3 mail collection to SMTP mail servers like Lotus Notes/Domino and
MS Exchange.

SpamWeasel Pro - A powerful FREE spam mail filter application to add to your POP3 e-mail client software.

Companion Products

OpenHand Wireless - mobilises your business information, email, calendar, contacts, tasks and shared files to almost any mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Aladesc for Business Users - is the complete answer to managing your office resources. Gives you a totally fresh outlook.

Aladesc for Home Users - inexpensive groupware for home users. Available in Family Pack and Personal versions.