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About buying online
Click on the link at the bottom of this page to place your order with Open Access Ltd, the international distributor of Mailgate and Companion products. WorldPayTM will process your credit card payment and your product key will be automatically e-mailed to you. For transactions above £45 a tax invoice and licence document will be mailed to the address you provide.

Important Information

User Information
By purchasing online you agree to be bound by the relevant Licence Agreement:
MailGate Server Licence Agreement
POPWeasel Licence Agreement
Aladesc Licence Agreement

Ordering Online
When purchasing online, product licence keys are delivered to you via the e-mail address you provide. Remember to carefully check the e-mail address you give.
Credit card security check can sometimes delay processing of orders.
Any queries concerning on-line orders should be directed to sales@openaccess.co.uk.
If your requirement has a deadline, please either order well in advance or order from the UK Master Distributor by phone during UK office hours.

VAT and EC Transactions
Because of difficulty authenticating EC TVA (VAT) numbers online, all transactions using the WorldPayTM service involving EC member states will have UK VAT added at the standard rate, currently 20.0%. Transactions with non-EC territories will not be charged UK VAT.
EC traders wishing to make a tax free purchase should contact Open Access Ltd

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