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MailGate Support Issues

Q. How do I set up MailGate to relay DNS requests?
A. In MailGate, click on Gateway|Setup, and select the DNS tab. Enable the DNS Relay option and enter your ISP's DNS servers in the "Server(s) to relay DNS packets to:" field. Each server should be entered on a separate line.

On the client machine, go to the TCP/IP network settings for your LAN (Ethernet) card, and select the DNS tab. Set the "Host" field to the name of the client machine, and set the "DNS server search order" to the IP address of the machine MailGate is running on.

You can test if DNS Relay is working by opening up a DOS box and typing "ping www.mailgate.com". If the response is "Bad IP address www.mailgate.com" then you need to check your DNS setup.
If the response is "pinging www.mailgate.com []" followed by "Host unreachable", then DNS is set up correctly. The client machine will be able to retrieve the IP address of mailgate.com, but will not be able to reach mailgate.com to ping it, this is normal.

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