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Q. How can I best use MailGate with OpenHand SoHosted?
A. MailGate works best with the OpenHand SoHosted service by forwarding remote users mail directly from their mailbox to their SoHosted account.

Key Benefits
  • Mailbox forwarding makes no changes to the e-mail data.

  • No inbound Internet access is required on your LAN.

  • Can be configured to be completely transparent.

  • All inbound e-mail passes through your company MailGate server.

  • Copies of sent mail may be passed back to the MailGate server.

Configuring SoHosted
When you create your SoHosted account, take note of the following points:
  1. You should set the account to use your normal e-mail address rather than your sohosted.biz address.

  2. If presented with the option, do not configure valid POP3 and SMTP accounts for mail collection and sending -- this is unnecessary as all incoming mail is forwarded to the account, and outgoing mail is sent by the SoHosted service directly.

Configuring MailGate
  1. In MailGate, double-click on the user mailbox you wish to work with the SoHosted account.

  2. Check the 'Forward copy to' box, and click the 'Edit List' button.

  3. Enter your SoHosted e-mail address into the field provided.

MailGate mailbox forward to SoHosted

Use of your local MailGate mailbox
If you purely use your local MailGate mailbox for forwarding to your SoHosted account, and do not collect from it locally, you can check the 'Delete incoming' box in your mailbox settings. This deletes mail from your mailbox after forwarding it to your SoHosted account.

If you wish to keep copies of the incoming mail for your local e-mail client, make sure that you DO NOT check the 'Delete Incoming' box.

Keeping Copies of Mail Sent Via SoHosted
If you wish to keep a copy of all items sent via the SoHosted account there are two ways of doing this:
  1. Make sure that users always CC a copy of the e-mail to their e-mail address.

  2. Make sure that users always CC a copy of the e-mail to a secondary e-mail address, for which each user has a second mailbox in MailGate (e.g. user2@yourdomain.com). Users can collect from this mailbox to receive a list of all mail sent via the SoHosted account.

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