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Mailgate Ltd - Who Are We?

Mailgate Limited
Mailgate Ltd is a UK company dedicated to developing best of breed Internet communication software.

Our core product MailGate was released in the UK in 1997 to bring an integrated solution to the needs of small and medium sized businesses for Internet access and e-mail services.

MailGate now has thousands of users in Europe and across the world. It has been adopted by every type of commercial and non-profit organisation, from international companies to small businesses as well as educational and charitable associations. Resellers prefer it because it is readily affordable, simple to install, well supported by the manufacturer and represents a complete solution.

Mailgate has now extended the product line, introducing the POPWeasel in order to bring the same simplicity and low cost POP3 mail collection for SMTP servers like MS Exchange and Lotus Notes for which the MailGate product is now recognised.

Another utility available from us is a standalone spam filter for workstation protection, SpamWeasel Pro is a low-cost program that protects your mailbox from unwanted junk mail. It can be used in conjunction with MailGate's powerful spam filter as an independent service.

MailGate will remain at the forefront of future development, with existing enhancement modules including: an advanced mail manager module; dynamic virus checking; anti-spam measures; new security and logging capabilities and an e-mail-to-fax gateway.

Mailgate Ltd is registered in England. No: 3646872. Registered Office: Unit 3, Hill View Business Park, Claydon, IP6 OAJ