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Welcome to the Mailgate product support area

Website Support Options
The Mailgate Website offers instant information that may be relevant to any questions or problems you have concerning our products:

  • The F.A.Q. section provides answers to common questions concerning our products.

  • The Error Codes section explains the cause of any error messages you may encounter.

  • The Configuration section provides help with configuring other software applications to work with our products.

  • In the Release Notes page you can review the current release notes for our products.
    Also check the Patches section of the download area, as there may be an update concerning a problem with your software version.

  • If you need help with configuring Mailgate software, refer to the online help or Download the manuals for your products.

Support for Free Software
All free software at this site (e.g. SpamWeasel/SpamWeasel Pro) is unsupported. You are welcome to send an e-mail to support but we cannot guarantee a response.

Free E-mail Support for evaluation and registered software
All evaluation and registered users are eligible for free technical support via Email. Send your support questions to support@mailgate.com including your serial number and the registered user name.

Other Support Options
Our distribution channel provides direct support. For more details, contact your dealer or go direct to Open Access Ltd.