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SpamWeasel Pro - free spam filter

SpamWeasel Pro is a sophisticated spam filter that sits in front of your e-mail client or POP3 mail server, and immediately begins to remove spam before it reaches your inbox using a powerful set of rules and cumulative rating techniques. Parsing of HTML content and the ability to add custom rules will ensure that SpamWeasel Pro can keep up with the latest spammer tricks. Full details of the product can be found here

Benefits of SpamWeasel Pro
SpamWeasel Pro is designed to catch spam straight from the start, using the Installation Wizard to guide you through the setup and registration process.

SpamWeasel Pro is now FREE!

Note: As this product is now entirely free of charge it is no longer supported.

SpamWeasel Pro
Full Installation Wizard

Powerful Rules

Enhanced Rule Set

Decodes Disguised Content

Rules Editor

Cumulative Spam Ratings

Online Help


Enhanced Archiving

Easy Filter Updating

Logfile Viewer

Free of Charge

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