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POP3 and SMTP Mail / proxy server

MailGate mail server MailGate is a POP3 and SMTP mail server, and also a proxy gateway, providing e-mail and Internet access for your entire network.

An ideal solution for small to medium sized businesses, whether you use dial-up, broadband, or any routed connection.


FREE spam filter for your desktop

Free spam filter - use SpamWeasel Pro to kill your Spam! SpamWeasel Pro allows you to manage your mail: deleting spam or passing it through depending on its rating. Provides enhanced background spam filtering, including a full archiving facility, and a powerful scripting language for highly customisable spam filtering rules. Most of all, it is now FREE!

E-mail on the move, to your PDA, laptop, or PC, from OpenHand and MailGate


POP3 connector for SMTP mail servers

POPWeasel, add POP3 collection to your SMTP server POPWeasel is a POP3 connector utility which can collect from an unlimited number of POP3 accounts, passing the e-mails to your mail server via SMTP.

Works with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes/Domino, or any other mail server that accepts an incoming SMTP feed.

Highly flexible routing features ensure that mail is successfully delivered.


Groupware for MailGate users

Aladesc, Groupware for your network Aladesc is a groupware solution enabling you to share information and communicate effectively within your business or organisation.

Working with MailGate and other POP3 servers, it provides e-mail clients, diaries, planners, case management tools and more. Available as Aladesc for Business Users and Aladesc for Home Users.


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