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MailGate Features

Mail Server
  • A comprehensive POP3 and SMTP server for your local LAN.
  • Send mail from one local user to another without the need to connect to your ISP.
  • Send and receive internet mail automatically.
  • Outgoing and Priority mail schedules ensure outgoing mail is sent without delay.
  • Automatic e-mail exchange during browser sessions to maximise connection usage.
  • Collect from multiple POP3 accounts.
  • Powerful rules to sort mail into user mailboxes.
  • Associate aliases with a mailbox allowing multiple addresses for each mailbox.
  • Automatically forward a copy of incoming mail to other mail addresses.
  • Delete incoming mail (this can be applied after the mail has been forwarded).
  • Send automatic reply to e-mail.
  • Copy all outgoing e-mails to an archive mailbox.
  • Option to bounce back undeliverable mail.
  • Option to limit the size of incoming or outgoing e-mails.
  • SMTP forwarding facility allows MailGate to collect POP3 mail and forward it to other SMTP servers. This can allow mail systems without POP3 collection to be integrated with POP3 accounts.

Proxy Gateway Server
MailGate comes with pre-defined proxies for all common protocols. In addition there is a Custom Proxy facility for defining less common proxy requirements which includes a feature-rich scripting facility.

  • Web Proxy - for full Web browsing access. Can be configured to use ISP proxy server cache to reduce internet traffic. Full local cache to reduce connection load with storage definable by number of days or disk space. Includes a user-definable URL filter to control Website access. Optional user logon and full site access logging.
  • FTP Proxy - for FTP gateway services.
  • SOCKS Proxy - supports both versions 4 and 5.
  • DNS relay - to proxy DNS user requests (required for some Java applets).
    Real™ Audio Visual Proxy
  • Liquid Audio Proxy
  • NNTP Proxy - for connecting to newsgroups.
  • Telnet Proxy - for connecting to other systems on the Internet.

All proxy services can have schedules associated with them to control availability.

System Administration
  • Intuitive user interface and extensive logging options for easy administration.
  • Backup and restore registry settings.
  • Load mailboxes from external files.
  • System events and problems notified by e-mail.
  • Admin messages can be sent to any e-mail address (local or remote).
  • Automatic termination of excessive duration connections.
  • Limit and manage the collection of large e-mails.
  • Review screen for failed outgoing mail.
  • Notification of oversize user mailboxes.
  • Schedule settings to optimise call durations so minimise costs.
  • Keep copies of all incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Link mailbox user passwords to the NT user database.

Security Options
  • Optional settings to expand the inherent security provided by the proxy principal.
  • Bind MailGate services to specific IP addresses blocking external access.
  • Block mail relaying through the mail server.
  • Control access to each MailGate service by machine name or TCP/IP address.
  • Password protect the admin user interface.
  • Option to require user logon for Web browsing.

Optional Modules
Further enhance the functionality of MailGate by adding any of our range of optional modules.

The Corporate Licence includes all extension modules while the Starter Licence includes none, but instead allows extension modules to be added individually at any time. The Starter Licence can be upgraded to the Corporate Licence.

MailGate is available in 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and unlimited mailbox versions. The number of mailboxes is the maximum number of mailboxes which may be set up and also the maximum number of simultaneous proxy connections allowed.

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