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Mail Log Extension

Installing the Mail Log Extension enables MailGate to produce enhanced mail and proxy activity logs for Net-alyzer for MailGate.

Detailed information on how to install Extensions can be found in the FAQ.

Net-alyzer provides the information with which you can decide what is excessive or inappropriate Internet use, giving you an opportunity to establish acceptable boundaries of Internet activity. With this in place, your company can safely benefit from the huge business advantages that the Internet can offer.

Net-alyzer enables you to establish:
  1. The source, destination and volume of e-mail traffic.
  2. Your company's Internet browsing patterns.
  3. How your company is using its Internet connection.
  4. Bandwidth management.
As the use of the Internet expands, employers should be reasonably confident that staff who have been given access will restrict their Internet usage to relevant and productive purposes. However some users of the Internet may - even unwittingly - expose the organisation to the risk of serious legal action through, for example, the downloading of inappropriate materials and their display in the workplace.

In addition, it is well recognised that users spend far more time browsing than they realise, and this can lead to very inefficient use of company time. To guard against these issues some form of monitoring and control will become an essential part of the Internet. For more details go to the features page.

Net-alyzer provides a simple enterprise-wide solution and works with a number of proxy servers, firewalls and e-mail servers and is OPSEC compliant. It is available through Open Access.