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Anti-Virus Extension

The MailGate Virus Scanner Extension is an optional module that provides a link between MailGate and your anti-virus software. The extension does not deliver virus protection, but links existing third-party anti-virus software with MailGate (reasons why the Extension is necessary can be found in the FAQ here). Anti-virus software is available through Open Access.

Any anti-virus software that supports on-access (or on-demand) scanning should work fine with the Virus Scanner Extension, via the Generic Compatibility setting; however, Sophos Anti-Virus software, from Sophos Plc, can be fully-integrated with the Extension for more control and efficiency.

Anti-Virus Configuration screen

How the extension works
The extension allows all attachments passed through MailGate to be scanned for viruses. If a virus is found the mail will be stopped and various actions taken according to the configuration options selected:

When a suspect email or attachment is identified MailGate quarantines it by placing it in a separate folder, or simply deletes it from the system.

The administrator can be notified by email if an infected file is found. The virus can be removed, and the disinfected message forwarded to the recipient.

Using Sophos AV products
Sophos AV software must be installed before the MailGate module can be activated.

MailGate requires the Sophos Anti-Virus Interface (SAVI) API, allowing highly processor-efficient scanning for viruses, rather than the more orthodox spawning of executables. SAVI is supplied together with the Sophos Enterprise Licences, or is available as a special 'SAVI for MailGate' order - when ordered through Open Access.

Encrypted files are optionally passed through or quarantined for separate treatment; also, SAVI will optionally check for Macintosh as well as PC viruses.

Using in Generic Mode
This mode relies on the 'on-access' scanning facility most anti-virus products employ, preventing the writing or reading of an infected file. The Extension identifies this, and treats the attachment file as infected.

The Extension has certain limitations when used in Generic Mode. For full details please see the Virus Extension Manual, available from the Download area.

Detailed information on how to install Extensions can be found in the FAQ.

Instructions on how to set up MailGate with Sophos can be found in the FAQ here.

Instructions on how to set up MailGate with other anti-virus software can be found in the FAQ here.