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Mail Manager Extension

Mail Manager enhances and expands the capabilities of your MailGate system by manipulating e-mails as they pass through the MailGate server. With it you can tailor your mail system to the exact needs of your business.

Installing Mail Manager adds a powerful rules driven processing engine to your MailGate system. You can create of any number of these rules. Each rule has two parts:
  •  Conditions - setting the identifying characteristics for target mails
  •  Actions - defining what the module does to a targeted mail

Available Actions include: rejecting, adding headers/footers, deleting, printing, forwarding, archiving, moderating, logging, creating a new dependent message, executing another program, removing attachments, and counting.

Each rule can have up to two Actions. By prioritising and chaining rules, multiple actions can be performed on a single target mail.

Take a look at the case studies below for examples of how using Mail Manager can benefit your business.

Detailed information on how to install Extensions can be found in the FAQ.

Mail Manager Configuration screen

Mail Manager Case studies

Case 1 - Adding a disclaimer
You need to add a standard disclaimer to all mail sent externally by your company. Using the Add Header/Footer action you can add to your mails in both plain text and HTML format.

Case 2 - On Line Orders
This user wanted to improve his order handling process.
When customers place an order via his website an Email is created by the website with the order details. Using MailGate these order mails are automatically printed as they arrive, ready for processing, and by adding the Archive action, copies of all orders are archived on the server.

Case 3 - Automatic Catalogues
By using the action to create a new dependent message, this company automatically replies to catalog requests, sending different catalog data depending on the content of the incoming mail message.

Case 4 - Virus Prevention
With the Remove Attachment action you can quarantine all file attachments at the MailGate server or fine tune the rules with the characteristics of known virus files like "love-letter-for-you.txt.vbs" to enhance your anti-virus policy.

Case 5 - Mail Routing
This user received large numbers of product enquiry mails from their website forms. Using rules to identify the product of interest these mails are automatically routed and forwarded by MailGate to the right person to deal with the enquiry.