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Anti-Spam Extension

About Spam
The true definition of spam is 'Unsolicited Commercial E-mail' and 'Unsolicited Bulk Mail'. But to the recipient, spam is simply unwanted mail.

Some of the difficulty of filtering spam mail arises from the floating definition of what constitutes unwanted mail. The Spam Filter Module uses a rules based filter applied by a basic-like scripting language to allow the user to adopt their own definition of what constitutes spam. The Module is preconfigured by us to apply immediate spam filtering on installation, but it allows you to adjust or re-write the rules to optimise the filtering service. Mail administrators can choose to block named sites or even to allow mail to be forwarded only from specifically named sites.

While known spam can be blocked outright suspect spam, defined according to criteria set down by the user, may be allowed through and optionally be labelled with a warning for the recipient. Once all the recipients are satisfied that suspect mail is truly unwanted it is dealt with by setting the filter to identify its specific characteristics and then blocking it.

The filter plugs into the MailGate server to give centralised protection to all the mailboxes from unwanted mail. This module may optionally be used in conjunction with our SpamWeasel product, which offers individual workstation-level protection only.

SpamWeasel cannot be used on the same machine as MailGate.

Detailed information on how to install Extensions can be found in the FAQ.

Instructions on how to set up the Spam Filter Extension can be found in the FAQ here.

Spam Filter Configuration screen