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List Server Extension

The List Server extension adds a comprehensive mailing list capability to your MailGate system. By using the list server a single mail message can be sent to a group of users without having to include each user's mail address in the mail message.
Once installed the list server module can be used for a number of purposes from simple group newsletters or mailings to full user discussion groups or bulletins.
The module allows an unlimited number of groups or mailing lists to be configured, each list being easily maintained at the server. It provides all the facilities normally found in list server systems, including the ability for users to subscribe to or unsubscribe from individual lists automatically using mail based commands as well as extensive security and control options for managing list usage.

List Server Configuration screen

List Server Features
  • Create as many lists as you wish, each with different settings.
  • Allow users to join and leave lists themselves using simple email commands.
  • Full security control on joining, leaving and sending messages through the list.
  • Powerful message manipulation tools to ensure list output is controlled.
  • User definable bounce settings to prevent mail loops caused by failed member addresses and auto responders.
  • Audit trail logging to monitor for list abuse.
  • List output can be either individual emails or a digest output, where all the traffic is bundled into a single mail that is then sent to the members.

This extension is not included with the MailGate installer. To evaluate this module, go to our Download area.